Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Poll Show Trouble for Transportation Tax in Metro Atlanta

A new poll released by 20/20 Insight shows that a proposed transportation tax for the 10 county Metro Atlanta region only garners the support of 33% of Registered Voters.  55% are opposed.

We also asked voters in the ten county region for their opinion on President Barack Obama, Governor Nathan Deal and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, as well as preferences related to the transportation tax and their personal usage of MARTA.

Poll of Metro Atlanta Registered Voters (PDF)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NC Voters: Campaign Contributions Influence Court

In early February, we polled 600 North Carolina voters for the national Justice at Stake Campaign and the NC Center for Voter Education and asked them about their state's first of its kind public financing for judicial elections. 

Please visit the website of the North Carolina Center for Voter Education to read their release on the poll's findings.

Feb 8-10, 2011 Frequencies
Feb 8-10, 2011 Crosstabs

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

20/20 Polls Iowa

Last week, 20/20 Insight polled Iowans for Justice Not Politics and Justice at Stake.  You can read the releases from the two organizations at the link above.  The two groups oppose a movement by some members of the Iowa legislature to impeach four Iowa Supreme Court justices for their involvement with a ruling that legalized same sex marriage in the state in 2009.

Key findings from the 748 Iowa registered voters polled from January 8-12, 2011: Only 36% of Iowans support impeachment, and when read the Constitutional standard for impeachment, only 17% agree that a single ruling they disagree with rises to that standard.  63% say that a ruling they disagree with does not rise to the standard.

We also asked Iowa voters about a theoretical head-to-head between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney for President.  We found Obama with a slight lead (41-37) with voters who are certain who they would support, and when leaners are included Obama and Romney are tied at 44.

Additionally, we asked Iowa voters if there was a chance they might participate in the Republican caucuses.  35% of voters say there is a chance, and among those that might caucus, "Not Certain" is the leader with 27%, followed closely by Mike Huckabee at 23% and Sarah Palin at 17.  Mitt Romney (12), Tim Pawlenty (10) and Newt Gingrich (7) are in the hunt, and further back we found Mitch Daniels with 2% and Haley Barbour with less than 1%.  We identified all of these candidates in the question by their title, which may explain why next-door neighbor Tim Pawlenty sees his support grow in comparison with recent polling that did not identify him as a former Minnesota Governor.

For full results, including crosstabs and a statement of methodology, please download the following files:
Frequencies and Statement of Methodology (PDF)
Full Crosstabs for Respondent Groups (PDF)

Statement of Methodology for this poll:

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